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Target Detachable Coils

A trusted partner for the toughest cases

When operating in uncertain times, it’s good to have a partner you can trust. For the most difficult and urgent cases like ruptured aneurysms, we’re right by your side.

By listening to leading interventionalists, we are continuously making our Target Coils better. Our products are designed for performance and always advancing based on the needs of your patients and the evolution of your practice.

For 10 years – and for countless reasons – we’re the innovative partner you can trust.

AdvancementsFull coverage for every case

By listening to leading interventionalists, we create new advancements, giving you the functional benefits you expect.

4 softnesslevels

3 coilshapes

2 primarydiameters

1 trustedpartner

10 years ofinnovation

SoftnessThe most softness levels on the market

As your trusted partner, we offer four levels of coil softness. With choices rangingfrom stability to softness, we’ll help you handle your most challenging cases.

  • 3-24mm


  • 2-20mm

    2x softer

  • 2-5mm

    4x softer

  • 1-3.5mm

    8x softer

ShapesTarget Coils come in three different shapes

Our variety of shapes are designed to help you frame securely, fill uniformly and finish by seeking voids within the aneurysm.

Diameters Explore our primary diameters

Target XL Coils provide 2x more fill and 40% more width than Target 10-size Coils.

  • Target 10 Size

    Target XL

    2X the fill
  • Target 10 Size

    Target XL

    40% wider


Advance and deploy with confidence

Stability enhanced

The Target Detachable Coil’s short flexible junction is designed to deliver smoothly, minimizing kickback during coil delivery.

Smoothness enhanced

The hybrid delivery wire features a balanced design of the proximal hypotube, and the distal coil optimizes flexibility and pushability to yield a one-to-one feel.

From frame to finish, we have you covered

  • Frame securely

    Target 360 Coils
    Open loop configuration conforms to different aneurysm shapes and minimizes compartmentalization.

    Target 3D Coils
    Alternating large and small loops create a stable frame.

  • Fill uniformly

    Target 360 Coils
    Target 360 Coils seek the outer wall of the aneurysm and leave an open center to minimize compartmentalization.

  • Finish softly

    Target Nano 360 Coils
    Target Nano 360 Coils fill small spaces and conform to the final spaces within aneurysms.

Performance A decade of continuous improvement

We continuously improve our Target Coil technology, giving you the most advanced coil for every case.

  • Reinforced

    Eases microcatheter insertion

    • Provides greater stability
    • 3.5x thicker
    • Easily seats into the microcatheter hub

    Previous sheath

    Current sheath

  • Stronger
    proximal contact

    Improves interaction with InZone detachment system

    • Provides greater stability
    • Transition is 10x stronger
    • Facilitates handling and insertion into the InZone detachment system

    Previous design: micro-welded together

    Current design: tube over tube

  • Shorter
    detachment zone

    Decreases detachment cycle time

    • Shortens detachment zone (by 65%) by ablating less insulating material
    • No changes to junction length
    • Previous design

    • Current design

Revolutionary, yesterday and today

Our legacy began in 1990, when GDC Coil – named after Dr. Guglielmi – completely revolutionized the
treatment of intracranial aneurysms. In 2010, we introduced Target – the next chapter in the GDC story.

  • 2010

    Target's first
    use on humans

  • 2011

    Target 360 coils
    introduces a
    smooth and
    stable platform

  • 2012

    Target Nano,
    the softest
    finishing coil
    on the market

  • 2013

    Target XL changes
    the game for
    volumetric filling

  • 2014

    Target 3D unique
    omega shape loop


    New Target Nano
    offers larger size

  • 2016

    XL Mini increases
    smaller XL mini

  • 2017

    Next Gen Target
    improves user experience


    Target XXL, the
    largest Target coils

500K+* patients

*An estimated patient number based on internal data.

Performance Delivering solutions

Our improvements provide the tools for a variety of cases.

  • Bi-lobe ACA aneurysm treated with Target Coils

    Images courtesy of Dr. Alessandro Pedicelli

  • Small ruptured aneurysm in pericallosal treated with Target Coils

    Images courtesy of Brian Jankowitz, MD

TestimonialHere for you and the patients you save

You’re there for your patients. We’re here for you.

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